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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014), healthcare workers are rated among the highest musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) related injuries.  The single greatest risk factor for MSDs within the healthcare industry is the manual lifting, moving, and repositioning of patients.

Studies have shown that the use of special equipment is the only way healthcare workers can move patients safely.

The TMM Solution
One Patient, One Surface.™

TransMotion Medical stretcher-chairs increase safe patient handling, help improve workflow, consolidate equipment and save time.

Safe Patient Handling
Through mobility, powered-positioning, and an array of customized configurations, TMM’s stretcher-chairs greatly reduce the need for patient transfers and minimize the risk of injury to nurses and their patients.

TMM’s series of stretcher-chairs provide a means for professionals and the facilities they work in to create safer, more efficient, and ergonomically correct patient handling processes.

Small Footprint
Due to their space-saving design, TMM stretcher-chairs require half the space of a traditional stretcher when in the seated position.  This also allows the chairs to more easily navigate through hallways, elevators and other close quarters.  Additionally, the units require less space for storage.

Reducing or eliminating patient transfers increases throughput and revenue potential while potentially lowering the costs associated with workers’ compensation claims.

Each of our stretcher-chair models can be customized with application-specific options (mounted at our factory) and accessories (mounted on-site) designed to meet your facility’s needs.  With over 200 possible configurations, TransMotionMedical stretcher-chairs have been successfully utilized in multiple departments.


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