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TransMotion Medical’s Stretcher-Chairs facilitate patient flow from admission through discharge on ONE SURFACE – no transfers required! Reducing or eliminating transfers minimizes the risk of injury to both your patients and staff while improving throughput, maximizing space, and increasing overall productivity.

Transforming the Patient Care Cycle

Through mobility, powered-positioning, and an array of customized configurations, TMM’s stretcher-chairs provide solutions that have literally changed the way hospitals, medical facilities and surgery centers deliver treatment.

TMM Stretcher-Chairs can simply and significantly improve operations in your facility.

from Admission to Discharge

Benefits of the TransMotion treatment chairs
Admission Transport Procedure Discharge

Powering Safe Patient Handling

TransMotion Medical offers a full-range of mobile, customizable Stretcher-Chairs with motorized positioning!  The exceptional powered positioning is controlled by a hand-held pendant which allows effortless conversion from chair to stretcher as well as easy height adjustments for safe and controlled patient positioning. These features significantly reduce the risk of occupational injury as well as minimizing the risk of patient falls.



Conserving Valuable Floor Space

A small footprint can make a big impression!  TransMotion Medical Stretcher-Chairs can reduce the amount of equipment needed because they function as a procedure chair, transport stretcher, outpatient surgery table, and recovery recliner.  In the upright position, a TMM stretcher-chair requires HALF the space of a traditional stretcher and is easy to navigate through hallways, rooms, elevators, and other close quarters.  The ability to easily re-position TMM’s Stretcher-Chairs also allows for more efficient storage.


Configured for Your Needs

Each of our stretcher-chair models can be customized with application-specific options (mounted at our factory) and accessories (mounted on-site) to meet your facility’s needs.  With over 200 available configurations it’s practically guaranteed you’ll find the perfect solution.

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