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TMM4-G Series

Audiology Stretcher-Chair for ENG & VNG Testing

TMM4-G | Audiology Stretcher-Chair

Electronystagmography (ENG) testing is used to assess the inner ear to determine the cause of dizziness, vertigo or loss of balance. Audiologists use the ENG test to measure and record involuntary eye movement, or nystagmus, that can trigger these symptoms. The TransMotion Medical TMM4-G series is a mobile, powered stretcher-chair specifically designed for ENG and VNG testing. It features effortless powered patient positioning with push-button control to move the chair's back and leg sections. This offers the ability to change the patient's head and body into different positions to see where the dizziness is provoked.  No manual positioning is required by staff and this unit allows for the perfect upright, 30 degree, and flat positioning angles required for ENG testing, including caloric test. 

A key feature is the Removeable Head Section. This allows for full back-tilt positioning of the patient's head, perfect in aiding audiologists to record normal and abnormal eye movement.  The TMM4-G series also includes side rails for added safety and powered height adjustment catering to operator preference.

TMM4-G Series Stretcher-Chair Features:
  • 500 lb Patient Weight Capacity
  • Removeable Head Section
  • Cushioned Arm Rests on Side Rails that swing down and tuck away
  • Self-Storing Push Bars
  • Two Quick Change Batteries & Wallmount Charger included
  • Manual Quick Release Back
  • Pendant Control for Exceptional Powered Patient Positioning
  • All Metal Surfaces
  • A Low 25" Seat Height
  • Standard dual base column 24" Low Seat Height to 36" High
  • Available standard 24 in. TMM4-GB or  wide 28 in. TMM4-WGB
  • Memory Foam Cushion for Patient Comfort
  • Auto-Extending Foot Rest
  • Compact Footprint
  • Easy Mobility and Manueverability

Multiple Option configurations are available:

TMM4-GA (24" seat, ENG removeable back, A/C plug-in)
TMM4-GB (24" seat, ENG removeable back, dual batteries with wall-mount charger)
TMM4-WGB  (Wide 28" seat, ENG removeable back, dual batteries with wall-mount charger)
TMM4-WTGB (Wide 28" seat, ENG removeable back, dual batteries with wall-mount charger)


Contact TransMotion Medical to connect with the representative in your area. TMM representatives can help determine the best configuration for your department, arrange a demonstration, obtain a quote and assist with placing your order.

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