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Most Popular Choice for HAND SURGERY


Surgical Stretcher-Chair for Hand Surgery

Surgeons who perform hand surgery - general, orthopedic and plastic, see the key benefits of the TransMotion Medical TMM5 Series Stretcher-Chairs.  These key benefits include no lift, no tranfer of patients from pre-op, to procedure, to post-op; exceptional stability; and improved patient flow and throughput, whether it be a relatively brief carpal tunnel procedure or an intensive hand surgery.

The TMM5 Series Stretcher-Chairs are the popular choice for Surgical Departments and Surgery Centers in both the U.S. and abroad because they are versatile.  Hand, Ophthalmic, Plastics, ENT, and Light Orthopedic Surgeries can all be performed on these units. Powered positioning converts the unit from chair to stretcher and the "T" triple column option allows for additional height adjustability  from 25" low to 40" high. So the patient can easily ingress and egress the chair, at the push of a button it converts to a stretcher, easily transport patient into surgery and staff can adjust unit to an ergonomically correct higher height, then roll into PACU and place patient in a reclined position to recover.

TMM5-TB Surgical Stretcher-Chair and Hand Surgery Table

  • 500 lb Patient Weight Capacitype
  • Exceptional Powered Positioning
  • Articulating Head Piece
  • Full Radiolucent Back Section
  • Trendelenburg Positioning
  • Self-Storing Push Bars
  • Two Quick Change Batteries and Wall-Mount Charger included
  • Manual Quick Release Back
  • All Metal Surfaces
  • Cushioned Side Rails
  • Memory Foam Cushions
  • Auto-Extending Foot Rest
  • Easy Mobility

Hand & Arm Tables
If you currently have a surgical hand table that mounts to surgical rails it should easily attach to the TMM5 Series Chair. If you are looking for a new hand table, TransMotion Medical offers two accessory models: the Carter Hand Surgery Table and a Phenolic Arm & Hand Table.

For surgeons who perform a high volume of hand surgeries or for those who just want the best - TransMotion Medical has partnered with Instrument Specialists, Inc. (ISI) to offer the fully radiolucent Carter Hand Surgery Table accessory (part# TMA87-15, pictured above). Developed by Dr. Peter Carter, it clips effortlessly on the TMM5's surgical rail and allows for easy traction during hand procedures. When traction isn't needed, the unique cantilever design eliminates the need for supporting legs, making this surgical table ideal for any hand procedure. 

The Carter Hand Surgery Table is radiolucent, height adjustable, has an optional adjustable-length pad that adapts to individual patient arm length, and traction accessories are easily disassembled and conveniently stored in its compact sturdy case.  Versatile, durable, simple to use, and easy to store - it's the table designed by a surgeon for surgeons.

The Phenolic Arm & Hand Table (part # TMA71-15, pictured on right) mounts with specialized attachments to the surgical bars located on the back section of the TMM5.  It features a height adjustable leg, has a firm black cushion and is radiolucent, thus C-arm compatible.  

To read how Focus Hand & Arm Surgery Center in Colorado improved their process with TransMotion Stretcher-Chairs, click HERE.

Contact TransMotion Medical to connect with the representative in your area. TMM representatives can help determine the best configuration for your department, arrange a demonstration, obtain a quote and assist with placing your order..

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    Other Recommended Solutions

TMM5-XTB Chair

This model features the added "X"Seat Tilt option offering additonal "knee flex" reclined positioning with pressure point relief.

X - Seat Tilt
T - Tall Triple Column
B - Battery

TMM5-XTB Chair with Seat Tilt Option


TMM4-TB Chair

This model features the "T" Tall/Triple column option offering additonal height in stretcher position.

The TMM4 for Hand Surgery combines the following pieces of equipment into one:

  • Pre-Op Recliner
  • Transport Stretcher
  • Hand Surgical Table/Orthopedic Surgical Chair/Hand Surgical Stretcher-Chair

Includes these options:

T - Tall Triple Column
B - Battery

TMM4-TB Pre-Op Recliner Stretcher-Chair



Phenolic Hand & Arm Table Accessory


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