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Mobile Surgical Stretcher-Chair for Arthroscopic and Light Orthopedic Surgeries

TransMotion Medical’s custom TMM4-XTB is designed to streamline and advance the Orthopedic Patient Treatment process.  It provides superior patient positioning, and eliminates 100% of patient transfers in the patient handling process.  The unit is mobile, and will convert from a Pre-Operative Chair, into a fully functional Transport Stretcher, and then accommodate the positioning needed for minor Orthopedic procedures.

The TMM4-XTB for Knee Arthroscopy (and Hand Surgery as well!), combines multiple pieces of equipment into one:

  • Pre-Operative Chair
  • Transport Stretcher
  • Orthopedic Surgical Table
  • PACU Recovery Recliner

All patient positioning is powered with a ten-button pendant that allows for easy adjustment of back, leg, height and tilt functions.  The height adjustment offers a low seat height of 24” for easy and safe patient ingress and egress.  The high height of 40” brings the patient to an ergonomic height for performing surgical procedures on the device.

The following procedures are being performed on the TMM4-XTB:

  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Distal Radial Fracture Repair
  • Nerve Repair (Hand)
  • Tendon Repair
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Trigger Finger
  • CMC Arthroscopy (Carpometacarpal Joint of the Thumb)


Knee Arthroscopy positioning is shown in the following photos:

Stretcher Chair for Knee ArthroscopyMobile Stretcher-Chair for Knee Arthroscopy


Key Features of the TMM4-XTB:

Stretcher Chair for Knee Arthroscopy and Hand Surgery
  • 500 lb Patient Weight Capacity
  • Exceptional Power Positioning
  • Seat Tilt (X) -  exact patient positioning for knee gatch during surgery and recliner for recovery
  • Height Adjust 24" Low / Ergonomic  Tall (T) 40" High
  • 24" Wide
  • 20° Trendelenburg / 5° Reverse
  • Self-Storing Push Bars
  • Radiolucent Back for X-Ray, C-arm, Fluoroscopy
  • Two Quick Change Batteries (B) & Wallmount Charger included
  • Manual Quick Release Backrest
  • All Metal Surfaces
  • Chrome, Cushioned, Folding Side Rails
  • Cushions with Memory Foam
  • Easy Mobility

Recommended Accessories:

  • 19" Upper Surgical Bars at Head Section (Part # TMA157-15)
  • Long Seat Section Surgical Bars (Part # TMA160-15)
  • Telescoping IV Pole
  • Oxygen Tank Holder
  • Lap Belt
  • Clark Sockets (Part # TMA15-15)

Contact TransMotion Medical to connect with the representative in your area. TMM representatives can help determine the best configuration for your department, arrange a demonstration, obtain a quote and assist with placing your order.

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Surgical Stretcher-Chair with:

X - Seat Tilt
T- Tall Triple Column
B- Battery
500 lb. Capacity
Powered Positioning of back, leg and height 25" Low / 40" High
Seat Width 24"
Mobile Surgical Stretcher-Chair in Motion

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