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Most Popular Choice for OUTPATIENT SURGERY


Surgical Stretcher-Chair for Outpatient Surgery

TransMotion Medical TMM5 and TMM4 Series Stretcher-Chairs have the functionality for outpatient surgeries. Here's why:
  • Precise, effortless, powered positioning.  This make positioniong of the patient more accurate and faster, resulting in less total time per procedure.  It also lets caregivers communicate with patients at eye level, rather than talking down to the patient.
  • Unique structural design allows exceptional and ergonomic access to patients during surgery in addition to exceptional patient comfort.
  • Trendelenburg Positioning
  • Offers a wide range of Options and Accessories, engineered expressly for surgical specialties.

Numerous outpatient surgeries can be performed on this mobile, powered line of stretcher-chairs: Ophthalmic, ENT, Plastics, Hand, Oral, Pulmonary (bronchoscopy), Endoscopies, Brachytherapy and In Vitro Fertilization to name a few.  It features a tapered back section, ample leg room for the surgeon when unit is in stretcher position, Trendelenburg positioning and a high patient weight capacity.
Add the "X" Seat Tilt Option for added patient recline positioning and comfort.

It's four medical devices in one:

  • Pre-Op Chair
  • Transport Stretcher
  • Surgical Table
  • Recovery Recliner

Medical Surgical Stretcher-Chair for Outpatient Surgery

  • 500 lb Patient Weight Capacity
  • Exceptional Powered Patient Positioning
  • Articulating Headpiece
  • Self-Storing Push Bars
  • Two Quick Change Batteries and Wall-Mount Charger included
  • Manual Quick Release Back
  • All Metal Surfaces
  • Height Adjustable (24" Low/39"High)
  • Cushioned Chrome Side Rails that fold down
  • Memory Foam Cushions
  • Auto-Extending Foot Rest
  • Easy Mobility Steer Caster System
Contact TransMotion Medical to connect with the representative in your area. TMM representatives can help determine the best configuration for your department, arrange a demonstration, obtain a quote and assist with placing your order.

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Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair

This model features the added "X"Seat Tilt option offering additonal "knee flex" reclined positioning with pressure point relief. It also has 20° Trendelenburg and 5° reverse Trendelenburg. Radiolucent Back for Radiologic Procedures also included.

X - Seat Tilt for reclined positioning
W - Wide 28" Width
T - Tall triple column for added height
B - Batteries

Stretcher Chair with Radiolucent Back for Radiologic Procedures

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