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Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair Series

Often in wound care settings, staff spend numerous hours per day debriding and treating lower extremity wounds.  They must bend over patients for long periods, or in worst cases, sit on the floor to perform debridement and treatment on a patient's legs and feet, neither of which is ergonomically correct.  In addition this is often uncomfortable for the patient as well since standard chairs are too narrow and have no adjustment capability.

TransMotion Medical is committed to reducing staff injury and improving patient comfort. The TMM4-WTB (with Wide Width, Tall Column, Battery options) is the Wound Care Stretcher-Chair of choice. This model features:

Powered Stretcher-Chair for Wound Care
  • 500 lb. patient weight capacity
  • Powered positioning of back, leg and height
  • Wide 28" Patient Surface
  • Tall, triple column adjusts height to low for easy patient ingress and egress, then high for an ergonomic working height for staff.
  • Memory Foam Cushions for superior patient comfort
  • Two Quick Change Batteries
  • Wall-Mount Charger
  • Manual Quick Release Back
  • Easy Mobility

Contact TransMotion Medical to connect with the representative in your area. TMM representatives can help determine the best configuration for your department, arrange a demonstration, obtain a quote and assist with placing your order.

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