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Part #:Specify at time of purchase or chair serial #

Tapered Seat Cushion - This is an optional cushion that is available for purchase for ALL Models of TransMotion Medical Stretcher-Chairs.  With this cushion, it is 2.75 inches thicker behind the patient's knee.  It is desgined to slightly tilt the patient more comfortably in the seated position  against the back of the chair. In reclined or stretcher position it allows for a natural bend at the knee.  Available in Sure-Chek® four-way stretch fabric, or Vinyl.

Seat cushion tapers from standard 3 inches thick at the back to 5.75 inches thick behind the knee. This is a 2.75 inch difference. (8.6 degrees)

Available at the time of purchase or as a pad replacement.  Contact your local Sales Representative or TransMotion Medical Service to obtain a quote or to purchase.

Partial Part #: TMAxxx-15-xxxxxxxx

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