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The TMM3 Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study (VFSS) Stretcher-Chair represents the "gold standard" in the stretcher-chair industry. These chairs are the choice of both speech-language and radiology department staff.

Video Fluoroscopy Stretcher-Chairs
4-Way Stretch Fabric Colors
All colors are approximations of actual colors
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Vinyl cushions also available
*additional charges apply

Video Fluoroscopy Stretcher-Chairs (TMM3)

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Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study Stretcher-Chair Series

The TMM3 Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study (VFSS) Stretcher-Chair by TransMotion Medical represents the "gold standard" in the stretcher-chair industry. These chairs are the choice of both speech-language and radiology department staff.

It is the only mobile Stretcher-Chair on the market with a patented powered positioning system designed for performing Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBS). These chairs feature a 90-degree rotating seat, which allows for both lateral and A/P views. These features help to reduce MBS procedure time, as well as increase your fluoroscopy suite productivity. 

Our TMM3 video fluoroscopy stretcher-chairs are able to quickly convert from a chair to a stretcher, complete with back, leg and high-low height adjustment options at the push of button.

This Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study Stretcher-Chair will help to eliminate the need for tiresome hydraulics, pneumatics, and manual height adjustments, including back and leg sections. Our medical chairs are stretchers, transport device and  procedure chair all in one! Power positioning can reduce the number of in-patient transfers by 50% (from 4 transfers to 2). This saves time and reduces staff injury and patient fall risk.

In addition to swallow studies to determine dysphasia, this procedure chair can be utilized by numerous other medical departments including transport, diagnostic imaging, and rehabilitation services for safe patient handling.

Standard TMM3 video fluoroscopy stretcher-chairs feature: 
  • 350 lb. patient weight capacity, the highest capacity swallow chair on the market
  • Exceptional powered patient positioning 
  • Effortless push button pendant for smooth and safe operation
  • 2 Long-lasting quick-change Batteries & a Wallmount Charger included
  • Radiolucent Back 
  • Manual Quick Release Back 
  • 90° rotating seat permits lateral and anterior-posterior imaging.
  • Cushions with memory foam helps provide enhanced patient comfort
  • Includes 3 belts - head, wide width torso, and leg belts
  • Auto Extending Footrest
  • We Recommend ordering Removable Back Extension accessory as it allows for safer patient transfer and transport.
  • Does your facility perform a high volume of swallow study patients or schedule them all in one day?  You may want to consider purchasing 2 strecher-chair units to help further reduce transport wait time for improved patient throughput.

Numerous ACCESSORIES are available including aa back extension, I.V. pole, O2 holder, child seats, side trays and more are available.

NOTE: If you have an R/F tower with steel plates bolted to the floor, be sure to order our 'S' Short Wheel Base Option.  See other OPTIONS in the tabs below.

Contact TransMotion Medical Today to get more information about the sales representatives in your area. Your rep will be able to help you: determine departmental equipment needs, arrange a demonstration of a VFSS stretcher-chair, provide the options & accessories available, obtain a quote with ROI, and will be happy to assist you with the process of placing an order.

The easy to use 90 degree rotating seat eliminates patient transfer during MBS procedures. This will allow patients to remain in-chair for different views in the R/F Tower:

        Lateral View                      A/P View   







Speech Therapy


Medical Chair for Safe Patient Handling and Transport

Medical Chair Stretcher-Chair with 90 Degree Rotating Seat


TMM3 Accessories

All TMM3 Stretcher-Chairs come with 3 belts: head, wide torso, and leg.
Numerous other accessories (items that can be added on and off the chair in the field) are available for purchase. 
Most popular TMM3 Accessories:


See the Accessories tab at the top of the page for compatible items available for purchase. On the 'Sort By' drop down, choose 'TMM3'.



Category A
Seat Height - Low (Below Cushion) : 21" / 53 cm (TMM3-B)
Seat Height - Low (Above Cushion) : 25" / 64 cm
Seat Height - High : 33" / 84 cm
Patient Seat Width : 24" / 61 cm
Patient Back Width (TMM3) : 15" / 38 cm
Patient Back Width (w/ Extension) : 24" / 61 cm
Overall Width : 30" / 76 cm
Patient Surface Length : 77" / 195 cm
Overall Chair Height - High : 63" / 161 cm
Overall Chair Height - Low : 56" / 142 cm
Max Patient Weight : 350 lbs / 158 kg
Backrest Articulation : 0 to 86 degrees
Side Rails - Height : 12" / 30 cm
Side Rails - Length : 21" / 54 cm
Base Length : 30" / 76 cm
Base Length - "S" Short Option : 26" / 66 cm
Charging System - Input Volts : 100-240vac
Charging System - Current : 1.0a (max)
Charging System - Frequency : 50/60 hz
Charging System Output : +24v DC 1.5a
Charging System Max Power : 36.0w
Cushion Flammability Rating : TB-117
Chair Weight : 200 - 250 lb (90-113 kg)
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Stretcher-Chair Cushions

TransMotion Medical cushion sets offer comfort and durability with two available fabric options:

  • Sure-Chek® Fusion: 4-Way Stretch Fabric with memory foam
  • Custom Color Vinyl by CF Stinson® Avant

Sure-Chek® Fusion 4-Way Stretch Fabric

Blue Sure-Chek® Fusion fabric with memory foam cushions comes standard on all TMM3, 4, 5 and 6 Series Stretcher-Chairs unless otherwise requested at time of order. Additional 4-Way Stretch colors are available for an upcharge.
Please visit the Herculite Web site for more information on Sure-Chek® brand medical fabrics.


CF Stinson® Avant Custom Vinyl

TransMotion Medical also offers CF Stinson® Avant custom vinyl available in more than 80 colors.

AVANT Vinyl Color Chart

Please visit the CF Stinson website for more information on Avant Custom Vinyl.



TransMotion Medical offers TWO California Technical Bulletin rated cushion sets:
  • Standard TMM cushions are “Mattress” flammability rated: CA TB-117
  • TMM also offers a higher-rated mattress flammability rating: CA TB-129.  CA TB-129 (available upon request, for an additional charge)



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